Slot Games Information

EG-SLOT-A053Bunny BeautyPageants are always popular. Every girl wants to be that prettiest lady to wear the crown! And of course, the crown comes with great fame and great prizes!

“Bunny Beauty” is a 3x5 reel slot with 243 ways to win. There is an Extended Random Reel Wild Feature. The three bunny girl contestants may appear in full-body pose on Reels 2 to 4. This adds extra reel stops to these reels. They allow players to play a maximum of 576 ways when all three reels have been extended!

During free spins, players can choose their favourite contestant by locking one of the reels as a full reel Wild so the game is played with 324 ways to win! Choose your contestant to win huge prizes for you!
EG-SLOT-A052World Cup NightWorld Cup is here again! It is one of the largest sports events in the world and everyone has been waiting for this great event! This is the time when people expect great goals, great games, and of course, great winnings!

“World Cup Night” is a 3x5-reel, 30-line slot. It has a Mysterious Wild Feature, which is available in Free Games. It gives three additional Wild types: Extra Wild, Extra Reel Wild, and Bomb Wild! All 3 Wild types add more Wild Symbols onto the reels and create more chances to win! Score with your favourite player to win now!
EG-SLOT-A051Golden LegacyIn “Golden Legacy”, the protagonist treasure hunter is looking for the legendary golden land. After collecting all the hints around the world, he has finally arrived at a mysterious island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Rumour says that there is vast treasure yet to be discovered.

“Golden Legacy” is a 3x5-reel, 243-way slot. In this game, Wild Symbols appear stacked. There is a Wild Lock Re-Spin Feature. Whenever a reel is stacked with Wild Symbols, the reel will be locked and the rest of the reels will be re-spun! There is also a Free Game Feature, where Wild Lock Re-spin Feature remains. In addition, there is a Wild Nudge Feature, turning any Wild Symbol into full-reel Wilds, making winning easier! Assist the treasure hunter right away to seek that treasure, and enjoy endless wealth!
EG-SLOT-A050Guardian of FlameAccording to Asian legends, there was a lion-shaped mythical creature who had a horn on its forehead and scales all over its body, and a green bell around its neck. It was worshipped as the “Guardian of Flame”. During ancient times, some Asians believed that placing sculptures of this mythical creature at different parts of the cities can prevent fires and other disasters, as well as maintaining law and order of the cities. Its main duty was to keep the fire beast at bay so the cities could be free from fires.

“Guardian of Flame” is a 3x5-reel, 30-line slot. The Free Game Feature can be triggered by collecting a required amount of any of the two Scatter Symbols. Collecting 80 Scatters 1 leads to Free Games with extra Stack Wilds. Collecting 60 Scatters 2 leads to Free Games with up to multipliers of 24x!
EG-SLOT-A049Myth of PhoenixA phoenix is a mythical bird. It is said to be the king of the birds, and can live up to 1,000 years and even eternity, making it a sign of peace and auspiciousness. Prepare for the advent of the phoenix and enjoy wealth beyond measure!

“Myth of Phoenix” is a 4x5-reel, 50-line slot. In this game, Stack Top Pay Symbol may appear on the reels, allowing players to win up to 1000x! The Free Game Feature allows players to choose from 3 options: to win 4 to 10 free spins and enjoy 88 to 188 Wilds across the reels!
EG-SLOT-A048Candy WitchIt’s Halloween again! “Candy Witch” features the great battle between our heroine and the evil Candy Witch. Our heroine, who was a little girl, could transform herself into a powerful sorceress to fight against the evil Candy Witch!

“Candy Witch” is a 3x5-reel, 30-line slot. In this game, Free Games are triggered by collecting a required amount of Scatter Symbols. What is more interesting is that there are two types of Scatters in “Candy Witch”. Collecting the required amount of Scatter 1 leads to Free Games where up to 240 Stack Wilds would appear. Collecting the required amount of Scatter 2 leads to Free Games where there are multipliers of up to 24x! Collect Scatters and make some huge winnings now!
EG-SLOT-A047Chang ThaiElephants are the national animal of Thailand. They are respected for they represent strength, honour and nobility. They are an auspicious sign. Serve “Chang Thai” well and you will be richly rewarded!

“Chang Thai” is a 4x5-reel, 50-line slot. In this game, Stack Top Pay Symbol may appear on the reels, making winning easier! The Free Game Feature features Stack Wild Symbols. Players can choose from multi-options, allowing to win up to 10 free spins and enjoy up to 188 Wilds across the reels!
EG-SLOT-A046VanessaIn the future world, a lady villain threatens the world and everyone’s survival. Vanessa, a schoolgirl with special powers, is destined to save the world. By transforming into a journalist, a police officer, or a warrior, Vanessa is doing all she can to stop the lady villain from ruling the world.

In the world of “Vanessa”, the 3x5-reel, 30-line slot is where Vanessa fights against the lady villain. The Free Game Feature allows players to spin the wheel to determine the feature they would get: Power Spin Feature, Power Climb Feature and Power Prize Feature. Fight side by side with Vanessa against the lady villain to protect what matters the most!
EG-SLOT-A045Three MusketeersIn 17th-century France, three young men from the Musketeers of the Guard tried to help the King to fight against the ambitious Cardinal. The “Three Musketeers” shall unite in this fight and fulfil their honour as the King’s Guards!

“Three Musketeers” is a 3x5 reel slot with 243 ways to win, and features an Extended Random Reel Wild: Reels 2 to 4 may have 4 reel stops, allowing players to play up to 576 ways! The Free Game Feature includes Multi-Options for Sticky Reel Wild: Players can choose to lock Reels 2, 3 or 4 with all Wild Symbols with an extra reel stop, and win different numbers of free spins! Work with the “Three Musketeers” for great winnings!
EG-SLOT-A044Bomber SquadTwo robbers are trying to break into the vault for all the gold held inside. They need to knock out the guards, collect items and make their way to the vault. There, they will use the dynamite to blow up the door and get the gold inside the vault.

“Bomber Squad” is a 4x5-reel, 1024-way slot. It comes with a Free Game Feature allowing players to choose from multi-options, allowing them to choose from dynamites that give them different numbers of free spins with different sets of Wild Multipliers during the free spins. There is a mystery option which gives players a random number of free spins and a random set of Wild Multipliers. Players can get up to 25 free spins and enjoy Wild Multipliers up to x20! Help the “Bomber Squad” to get all the riches inside the vault!
EG-SLOT-A043Mystical LampLong time ago, in the middle of a desert, there was a cave full of treasure. The most valuable item was a mystical lamp, which a genie lived inside it! He would answer to the wishes of his master who summoned him! A poor boy found the lamp by chance, but he fell into the trap of an evil sorcerer who wanted to seize the throne! You must get the lamp and confront the sorcerer!
“Mystical Lamp” is a 3x5-reel, 243-way slot. It comes with a Free Game Feature allowing players to pick the right lamp and win up to 20 free spins! There is also a Wild Bonus Feature, allowing each Wild Symbol to win up to 20 times of total bet during the free spins! Let “Mystical Lamp” share a whole new world with you!
EG-SLOT-A042Shu DynastyThe Three Kingdoms period was one of the most remarkable ages in China. The heroes from Shu Kingdom strived to revive the old Han Empire. With strong leadership, mighty generals, brilliant strategists, and brave soldiers, the heroes of Shu Kingdom were determined to face all possible challenges and danger along the way to victory.

“Shu Dynasty” is a 5-reel slot with 324 to 576 ways to win. It features 3 difference scenes with different reel patterns and ways to win. There are also different Wilds, namely Extra Wild, Extra Reel Wild, and Bomb Wild. It comes with a Free Game Feature, where the Reel Extend Feature allows players to play up to 2,000 ways! Become an officer and defeat your enemies!
EG-SLOT-A041Mother of DragonsIn the world of “Mother of Dragons”, the Kingdom was in chaos as the king was slain. The princess, who was the last of the line, was exiled to nomadic lands. As a member of the Dragon Family, she had the power to tame dragons. After going through all the hardships, the princess had tamed three dragons and became the Mother of Dragons! Assist Mother of Dragons to recapture her throne, and she would grant you everything you have wished for!

“Mother of Dragons” is a 5-reel slot with 324 to 576 ways to win. The game comes with 3 different scenes, each with its own reel pattern and ways to win. Different Wilds, namely Extra Wild, Extra Reel Wild, and Bomb Wild are featured in different scenes. “Mother of Dragons” contains a Free Game Feature, where the Reel Extend Feature adds extra reel stops, giving players a maximum of 2,000 ways to win!
EG-SLOT-A040Dragon SlayerThe dragons are ravaging the world. Legend has it that inside the dragons’ nest hides all the gold and treasure one can only imagine. Being the only dragon slayer left, you have to take up your sword and confront the dragons.
“Dragon Slayer” is a 3x5-reel slot with 243 ways to win. It comes with a Free Game Feature: during free spins, players can collect symbols to extend the 3x5 reels to 4x5 and even 5x5 reels, allowing them to play up to 3,125 ways! Show your courage, slay the dragons and claim the gold now!
EG-SLOT-A039Six SwordsPrince Duan was a royal family member who disliked practising marital arts. He fled away from the palace for some adventures, during which he learnt some wonderful martial skills and became one of the strongest martial artists of all time.
“Six Swords” is a 3x5 reel, 30-line slot. There is a Mysterious Wild Feature, including three different Wild types: Extra Wild, Extra Reel Wild, and Bomb Wild! Help Prince Duan expel the villains and became a master!
EG-SLOT-A038Sparta's HonorSparta was one of the most powerful city-states in ancient Greece. Every Spartan boy was trained to become the finest warrior: they survived the toughest circumstances. Honour, courage and dignity were the most important values to them. They feared nothing, and would fight for anything they treasured.
“Sparta’s Honor” is a 3x5-reel, 50-line slot. There is a Double Prize for the top payout symbol. There are stacked top payout symbols to give players more chances to win! It also features a Free Game Feature where 3 different sets of Free Games are available! In the first 2 sets of Free Games, the top payout symbols can become Wild Symbols! For the third Free Game, there is a multiplier x2 for all wins! Join the Spartan warriors in the pursuit of honour!
EG-SLOT-A037Gold of EgyptPyramids are the symbol of ancient Egypt. It is said that beneath the pyramids lies treasure beyond measure. People have tried to enter these tombs, but few returned.
“Gold of Egypt” is a 3x5-reel, 243-way slot. With Stacked Wild Symbol, there is a Wild Lock Re-Spin Feature: When any reel is stacked with Wild Symbols, it will be locked for a re-spin, giving players more wins!
There is also a Free Game Feature with Wild Nudge Feature, making wins easier! Collect 3 or more Scatters to win 12 free spins! Explore the bowels of the pyramid and take all the wealth away now!
EG-SLOT-A036ZeusZeus is the king of the gods in Greek mythology. He is also known as the thunder god for his weapon, the thunderbolt. Before becoming the ruler of the Heavens, he and his siblings had fought against the Titans to overthrow their rule. But his journey does not stop here. Typhon, a fearsome monster born by Gaia, the Mother Earth, tries to challenge Zeus’ supremacy and puts the world to danger.
“Zeus” is a 3-4-5-4-3 reel slot with 720 ways to win! It has a Wild Lock Re-Spin Feature: when Wild Symbols are stacked on Reel 3, the reel can be locked for a re-spin! Help Zeus now to defeat Typhon and let it see what the thunderbolt can do!
EG-SLOT-A035Maya's MiracleMaya was an ancient civilization in Central America. Legend has it that the Maya people were highly accomplished in astronomy, mathematics, and many other disciplines. They were also very rich, where a lot of treasure has remained hidden in the ruins.
“Maya’s Miracle” is a 3x5 reel, 30-line slot. With the Cascading Reel Feature, winning symbols explode after payout, allowing new symbols to fall from above! This means more chances to win! Now, explore the ancient sites, and claim the riches hidden inside!
EG-SLOT-A034Lucky CloversClover is very common. There is a rare variation known as four-leaf clover. It is also said to be the lucky clover, for it will bring good fortune to anyone who finds it!
“Lucky Clover” is a 3x5 reel, 243-way slot. It offers Double Reel feature, allowing up to 4 contiguous reels at the same time, bringing you more payout! Try your luck now!
EG-SLOT-A033PigsyPigsy was a handsome marshal of the Heavens. He was sent to the human world as a punishment for molesting the Goddess of the Moon. Help him complete his journey so he could be rewarded by the Buddha and enjoy all offerings from the world! “Pigsy” comes with a Free Game Feature where players can collect symbols to extend the 3x5 reels to 4x5 and even 5x5 reels, allowing them to play up to 3,125 ways!
EG-SLOT-A032The Masked PrinceIt was the Joseon Dynasty in the 18th-century Korea. The organisation formed by the ministers was so powerful that it controlled the royal family. People led a very hard life. To stay alive, the Crown Prince could only wear a mask and escape from the palace so they could not know how he looked like. Help “The Masked Prince” build up his power and fight against his ministers so he could take back his glory!
EG-SLOT-A031World Cup FeverIt's the World Cup again! Would you like to wear the golden boot and raise the trophy? Our latest 4x5 reel-set hot model slot game makes your dream come true! Let SA World Cup Angels score for you! Share the joy of doing sports together!
EG-SLOT-A030Three Star God 2The Chinese people worship the Three Star Gods, for they believe that these gods can bring three good attributes to life: prosperity, status and longevity.
The new sequel is a 3x5 reel slot with 243 ways to win, and features an Extended Random Reel Wild: Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou) may appear on Reels 2 to 4, adding extra reel stops to these reels. They allows players to play up to 576 ways!
During free spins, a Sticky Reel Wild Feature allows 3 options where a Full Reel Wild becomes available on Reels 2 to 4! Let these gods bring you prosperity, status and longevity!
EG-SLOT-A029Cai Shen Dao Cai Shen is the Chinese god of money and wealth. On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, people will welcome Cai Shen and pray for good fortune in the coming year! Let our “Cai Shen Dao” bring you a great fortune! “Cai Shen Dao“ allows a flawless transition between landscape and portrait orientations. The Free Game Feature gives players up to 20 free spins! The Wild Bonus Feature allows every Wild Symbol to win up to 20 times of total bet during free spins!
EG-SLOT-A028Double HappinessAs the Chinese proverb goes “good things come in pair“, SA Gaming has brought to you a new slot game “Double Happiness“ that carries this lucky meaning and doubles your winnings! Double Happiness is paired with Double Reel feature that gives you the opportunity to get up to 4 identical reels at the same time, bringing you all the way to the jackpot!
EG-SLOT-A027Shanghai GodfatherIn the 1930s, Shanghai was a place where the bold gets the gold. Wipe out all the obstacles and become the boss of the Bund! In “Shanghai Godfather“, there is a brand-new Mysterious Wild Feature, which offers three additional wild symbols. Enter the realm of “Shanghai Godfather“ to enjoy all the prosperity and luxury now!
EG-SLOT-A026Child of WealthReceive blessings from the Child of Wealth! The Child of Wealth is here to bring you tons of wealth and fortune! Don’t look down on this lively kid, for he comes along with lots of blessings. Stick close and receive the grace from Child of Wealth.
EG-SLOT-A025Fortune LionSecure your good fortune! Stepping on its trademark golden ball, the golden lion is going to safeguard your wealth and fortune. No matter at home or shop, a pair of golden lions will raise the atmosphere to a new level. Play Fortune Lion now and be blessed!
EG-SLOT-A024Lucky Fa'Fa', literally means 'become rich', is undoubtedly a well-received word amongst Chinese communities. This is proved by the fact that many of the Chinese New Year greetings contain fa'. Well, how about being lucky and 'fa' in the same time? Try out Lucky Fa now!
EG-SLOT-A023Prosperity TreeFor thousands of years, countless people have been searching for the legendary Prosperity Tree. The blinding flash of golden reflections from its leaves are said to be beyond invaluable. Now it's your time to harvest from the Prosperity Tree and get rich!
EG-SLOT-A022Saint of MahjongA great battle awaits on the mahjong table. 4 skilled players, who are chasing the honour of Saint of Mahjong, are all set and ready to go. Can you find your success in these 144 tiles? Challenge the Saint of Mahjong now!
EG-SLOT-A021Fortune CatBeing extremely popular with every household, its beckoning right arm brings you wealth, while the left arm brings you good fortune. Its chubby body resembles the wealth that will be brought to your home or shop. Play with the Fortune Cat and enjoy the fortune flowing in!
EG-SLOT-A020Golden ChickenThe Year of Rooster is near, and the mighty Golden Chicken is blessing anyone who catches sight of it! For those who have managed to grab the golden eggs, prosperities and wealth are guaranteed to come! Meet the Golden Chicken and BE RICH!
EG-SLOT-A018Cheung Po TsaiCheung Po Tsai, the legendary pirate, had made himself a nightmare in the region with his outrageously powerful fleet. Get on board and fight side-by-side with Cheung Po Tsai and share the fortune!
EG-SLOT-A017North South LionsAmidst the beating drums and clashing cymbals, Northern Lion in a golden costume appears with flexible moves of leaping and rolling; and the majestic-looking Southern Lion demonstrates strength and power shaking its head and body and jumping onto a tall pole to spread good luck. North South Lion features free game with Unlimited Spin mode.
EG-SLOT-A016Tropical TreasureIt is said that deep down in the Tropical Ocean lives a group of magical marine animals. Some of them have destructive power like a bomb which can conversely unearth more treasure. Anyone who is able to catch them all will obtain massive treasure. Tropical Treasure features 5 options of free games to choose.
EG-SLOT-A015Fruit PoppersFruit that grows your luck and fortune? Yes, here it is! Some of them intensify your luck by bombing winning reels and bring in more lucky symbols! Gather all the fruit of luck to have a good harvest this year! Same as Tropical Treasure, Fruit poppers features 5 options of free games to choose.
EG-SLOT-A014Diamond CrushSome beams of lights pierce the dark with a shocking flash-the diamonds! The silver diamond sparkles in the reflection of moonlight, the fiery red diamond glows with a burning passion, and the five-colored diamond has the most harmonious play of colors. They all have a magical power to bomb reels containing winning combination and generate new symbols to indulge players in loops of spinning.
EG-SLOT-A013Bikini ChaserWhile enjoying a sun-kissed Sunday on the beach, you spot two bikini-clad ladies playing around and splashing each other with cool water. Their healing laughter and natural acts stimulate all your fantasies. It is too hard not to capture these lovely bouncing beauties. Bikini Chaser features free game with Unlimited Spin mode.
EG-SLOT-A012Creepy CuddlersYou should never belittle these three funny-looking cuddler zombies, as they are going to stun you with how they kill! With saws in their hands, their steps look staggering, but they never leave their preys alive! Creepy Cuddlers offers Multi-option free games with Full Reel Wild.
EG-SLOT-A011Red DragonBack in the beginning of time, there lived an infant dragon at the end of the universe, people called him Red Dragon. It was not easy to survive the extreme weather and the rugged terrain with steaming hot lava lakes. At night, it was hard to spot where Red Dragon was. The cold weather changed the colour of his blood, so he appeared to be blue in colour, camouflagic under the blue moonlight. Launch Red Dragon now to experience to life of this legendary creature. Red Dragon offers Free Games with Unlimited Spin Mode.
EG-SLOT-A010Funny FarmAll-day laughters and brays follow the rooster's morning crow - you are in Funny Farm! The livestocks here know the best how to keep you busy. The pigs run, the goats fight, the cows eat your crops... Welcome to the Funny Farm, trigger the spin and get the farm back in order now! Funny Farm includes Multi-option Free Games with Full Reel Wild.
EG-SLOT-A009Innocent ClassmatesSchool starts in the sweltering late summer with three sisters joining, the three new faces are too stunning to hide in the crowd. The 18-year-old Saika has a beautiful contour under her ponytail and charming eyes behind her spectacles; Shizuka's long hair dances with her short skirt when she walks; The short- haired Sanae from the volley team has a well-toned athletic body. Launch the game, get to know more about the girls now. Innocent Classmates includes Multi-option Free Games with Full Reel Wild.
EG-SLOT-A008Red ChamberEscape from the complicated world and enjoy spending time with the beauties! These alluring ladies in the Red Chamber will ease your pressure and bring you pleasure and satisfaction. In such a wonderful place, why don't you just stay forever?
EG-SLOT-A006Ji GongDubbed as the craziest monk in the history of China, Ji Gong was one of the most worshipped minor deity. Despite dressing in rags, he was compassionate and said to possess supernatural power to bring luck and fortune to people upon waving his signature fan and wine gourd. Ji Gong includes Bombing Reels Feature that bombs reels with winning combinations and creates new symbols.
EG-SLOT-A005Fantasy GoddessThe three Fantasy Goddesses are going to make all your dreams come true. Goddess of Ice, sexy yet frosty, is so glamourous that you never dare to reach out to; Goddess of Fire is so passionate to make you lose yourself for her; Goddess of thunder pounds every nerve in your body with her stunning presence. Fantasy Goddess offers Multi-option free games with Full Reel Wild.
EG-SLOT-A004Dragon & TigerThe competition between Dragon and Tiger has been hectic, now the battlefield is extended to the slot wheels, no one can tell who will be the ultimate winner until the final round. Dragon & Tiger features free game with Unlimited Spin Mode.
EG-SLOT-A003The GuardIn the Ming Dynasty, Jinyiwei was the troop of guard directly supervised by the Emperor - fiercely geared, smartly dressed. During the Reign of Yongle Emperor, a serial burglary happened in the Palace, Yongle Emperor ordered the Guard to apprehend the lady thief at large. The Guard is featured with free game with Unlimited Spin Mode.
EG-SLOT-A002Three Star GodTHREE STAR GOD features Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou) who are the three attributes of a good life. The 243 Ways Slot features the fabulous Chinese themed symbols! Free Game feature contains 3 options of the Gods Fu, Lu, and Shou where each represents Full Reel Wild for different reels!
EG-SLOT-A001New Year RichNEW YEAR RICH features the celebration of Chinese New Year with our Bombing Reels Feature Slots! Any Reel containing wins will be bombed by New Year fire crackers and filled again with new symbols. The Free Game features 5 Options with different symbols and number of free spins to choose.
EG-SLOT-S008Cage FightBoxing is one of the most dangerous sport in the world. One does not simply walk into the cage. It takes both courage and skills, and some luck. Only those who are brave, skilful and lucky enough will be richly rewarded.
In the world of “Cage Fighter”, the 3x5-reel, 30-line slot is your cage. The game comes with a Free Game Feature, which gives Power Spin Feature, Power Climb Feature and Power Prize Feature. They give you different rewards to prevail in the cage and win the championship belt!
EG-SLOT-S007Zombie HunterPeople are calling out for help, as a sudden zombie outbreak left the whole city in fear! No worries though, cause the beauties in uniform are here beating up those nasty zombies. Why don't you come and join the war?
EG-SLOT-S006Volley BeautiesLook at the sexy beauties playing volleyball over there -- What a time to be at the beach! These agile movements as well as sheer skills make those bikini girls the centre of attention. Think you are good enough to play with them?
EG-SLOT-S005Angels & DemonsThe clash between the innocent Angel and the cunning Demon is set to take place in real model slot! You better be really prepared to witness the close combat between the two.
EG-SLOT-C004Big Three Dragons“Big Three Dragons” is a high-scoring combination in mahjong. The winning hand requires 3 pieces of each of the three Dragon Tiles (Red, Green and White). In our game “Three Big Dragons”, all players have to do is to gather any set of the tiles to win!
“Big Three Dragons” is a classic 1-line 3x3 reel slot, featuring a Wild Symbol. It gives payout with 1 or 2 winning symbols. Players can win up to 3,000 coins in one single round! Spin and win your “Big Three Dragons” now!
EG-SLOT-C003Hoo Hey How“Hoo Hey How” is a classic Chinese dice game. The six faces of the dice are fish, prawn, crab, stag, gourd and rooster. When this classic Chinese game meets a classic slot, fun and huge payout will come!
“Hoo Hey How” is a classic 3x3 reel, 1-line slot. The symbols are based on Hoo Hey How, a traditional Chinese dice game. Players can win up to 3,000 coins!
EG-SLOT-C002Dragon 8Far in the remote mountain of the northwest of China, it is said that there lies a rare dragon. 80-feet-long, shining with golden scales, the dragon is the guardian of the holy Dragon Ball and treasure. Whoever conquers the dragon will be blessed with a life of unlimited wealth. Venture into “Dragon 8“ for the winnings now!
EG-SLOT-C001Super 7A true classic will never be beaten by time. Pull the handle and let the reels fly. A big prize for the players when three 7's form in a line, to the indulgence of many. Now, “Super 7“ recreates this classic masterpiece with the latest technology. You just cannot miss it.