• 1. Where can I find the marketing material? (such as banners, logo and thumbnail)

    Please visit the below URL for all SimplePlay marketing materials
    Password: simpleplay

  • 2. Where can I find the RTP of all games? Can I change it on our side?

    You may go to https://www.spapiservice.com/resources and look for Promotion Material. The RTP can be found in the SPAPI_SlotGame_Portfolio. The RTP is fixed and cannot be changed.
    Password: simpleplay


  • 3. Is there any IP district limitation on integration and login request?

    API (Restricted): All countries
    Back Office (Restricted): Hong Kong and Macau
    Game Access (Blocked): China, Hong Kong, Macau and Korea

    Please provide the IP to be added if you would like to test in the restricted regions, thanks.

  • 4. Are there limits on IP Allow List?

    To ensure a high-security level, we have limits on the number of  IP in Allow List as follow:

    API Allow List: 30
    Back Office Allow List: 20
    Game Login Allow List: 20


  • 5. Does API URL support HTTP or HTTPS?

    It supports HTTP.

  • 6. Do you support html5?

    Yes, we support html5 mobile and desktop version.

  • 7. How many decimal points does the amount in API show?

    They round up to 2 decimal points.

  • 8. What is the time zone used in Back Office and API server?

    It is GMT+8 in Back Office and API server.
    Our system counts a day from 12:00:00 p.m. to 11:59:59 a.m.

  • 9. Is Jackpot available on Slot Games?

    All Slot Games have Jackpot.
    We have 2 types of Jackpots.

    Global Jackpot
    - Hosted by SimplePlay
    - 0.2% contributions of the Turnover to be obtained by SimplePlay
    - When your players win, SimplePlay will be responsible for the Jackpot Payouts

    Standalone Jackpot
    - Hosted by client
    - 0.2% contributions of Turnover to the Standalone Jackpot
    - Profit Sharing model of the Standalone Jackpot Win/Loss

Accounts Creation

  • 10. What kinds of accounts do you provide?

    We have two kinds of accounts - agent account and operator account.

    Agents have a back office account to manager all operator accounts.
    Operators have their own back office account and an uniques secret key.

  • 11. Is there a limit on the length of a username?

    Username must be between 2 and 28 Alphanumeric without any symbols.

  • 12. What should we do if we have new operators?

    You should fill in the agent or operator setup form and return to us. We will create the accounts for you.


  • 13. What currencies do you support?

    We support the following currencies:

    Currency ISO Name (1:1) Currency
    AED Emirati Dirham
    AMD Armenian Dram
    ARS Argentina Peso
    AUD Australian Dollar
    BDT Bangladeshi Taka
    BND Bruneian Dollar
    BRL Brazilian Real
    CAD Canadian Dollar
    CHF Swiss Franc
    CLP Chilean Peso
    DKK Danish Krone
    EUR Euro
    GBP British Pound
    GHS Ghanaian Cedi
    HUF Hungarian Forint
    ILS Israeli Shekel
    INR Indian Rupee
    JPY Japanese yen
    KZT Kazakhstan Tenge
    LKR Sri Lankan Rupee
    mXBT milli Bitcoin
    MYR Malaysian Ringgit
    NOK Norwegian Krone
    NZD New Zealand Dollar
    PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol
    PHP Philippine peso
    PLN Polish Zloty
    RUB Russian Ruble
    SEK Swedish Krone
    SGD Singapore Dollar
    THB Thai Baht
    TND Tunisian Dinar
    TRY Turkish Lira
    TWD Taiwan New Dollar
    UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia
    USD US Dollar
    USDT Tether
    uXBT Micro-Bitcoin
    VES Venezuelan Bolivar Soberano
    ZAR South Africa Rand
    Special Currency Code (1:1) Currency
    IDR2 Indonesian Rupiah
    LAK2 Laotian Kip
    MMK2 Burmese Kyat
    VND2 Vietnamese Dong
    Currency ISO Name (1:1000) Currency
    IDR Indonesian Rupiah
    KHR Cambodian Riel
    LAK Laotian Kip
    MMK Burmese Kyat
    VND Vietnamese Dong
  • 14. What languages do you support?
    Slot Game Table Game Fishing game
    Traditional Chinese Y Y Y
    Simplified Chinese Y Y Y
    English Y Y Y
    Thai Y Y Y
    Vietnamese Y Y Y
    Japanese Y Y Y
    Bahasa Indonesia Y Y Y
    Italiano * Y
    Malay * Y
    Spanish * Y

    * Supported Fishermen Gold Only