API Documents


查询已开放的游戏清单。 游戏清单结构例子:


Check the list of active games. GameList example:


This Web service will fetch bet details for one fishing game session.


This Web service will fetch the unfinished slot game of a user. The API only gets the unfinished game within 10 days. The frequency of the call should be made to this API 10 times per 1 second otherwise it will throw an error. output:

PHP version

DES Encrypt/Decrypt function in PHP:

MD5 function in PHP:

ASP.Net C# version

Example DES Encrypt/Decrypt function in ASP.Net C# :

Example MD5 function in ASP.Net C#:


In order to let your player to log in through our mobile app, you have to implement a “User authentication interface” in your system to verify the player. In the mobile app, a player must log in by your platform’s username ending with ‘@’ and your unique suffix, which we will provide you. For example, …

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