Important notice

It is important that you must take care of the following situations and make sure you can process the PlayerWin / PlayerLost correctly.

Slot Game

PlaceBet and PlayerWin / PlayerLost are paired.

Table Game

There is only 1 PlayerWin / PlayerLost for each player in the same game, no matter how many bets the player has placed.

Fishing Game

In case a player played a round of the fishing game with free bullets remain and logged out. When the player logs into the fishing game later and shoots some bullet, no matter he won or not, if he logged out without transferring fund, a PlayerWin / PlayerLost will send. In this scenario, there is no PlaceBet but PlayerWin / PlayerLost send. It may void your checking for a PlayerWin / PlayerLost to match a PlaceBet by GameID.

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