This Web service will fetch bet details for one fishing game session.

NameDescriptionType and LimitRequired?
methodMust be "GetFishermenGoldBetDetails"String (32)Y
KeySecret keyString (32)Y
TimeCurrent time in "yyyyMMddHHmmss" formatDateTimeY
GameIdFishermen Gold game id.String (32)Y
PagePage of records, starting from 0IntY
NameDescriptionType and LimitRequired?
BetAmountTotal bet amount (Coin)Int64Y
WinAmountTotal winning amount (Coin)Int64Y
CurrencyCurrencyString (16)Y
ExchangeRateCoin to currency exchange rateIntY
CountTotal bullet record countIntY
ItemCountNumber of item queriedIntY
LimitNumber of item per pageIntY
BulletDetailsListList of structure of a bullet detailsXMLY
ErrorMsgIdError message:
0: Success
102: Secret key incorrect
106: Server not ready
152: Game Id does not exist
ErrorMsgError message detailStringY
BulletDetails structure
NameDescriptionType and LimitRequired?
IDBullet IDInt64Y
CostCost of the bullet (Coin)IntY
RewardReward of the bullet (Coin)IntY
SpeciesFish IDIntY
FreeBulletTotalTotal of free bullet IntY
FreeBulletRemainRemains of free bulletIntY
FreeBulletRewardRewarded bullet of this shootIntY


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