Error message code reference

Common error message code

100Username error
101Account locked
102Secret key incorrect
104Service not available
105Client side error
106Server busy. Try again later.
107Username empty
108Username length/format incorrect
110User not online
111Query time range out of limitation
112API recently called
113Username duplicated
114Currency not exist
116Username does not exist
120Amount must greater than zero
121Not enough points to credit/debit/bet
122Order ID already exists
125Kick user fail
127Invalid order ID format
128Decryption error
129System under maintenance
130User account is locked (disabled)
132Sign unmatch
133Create user failed
134Game code not found
135Game access denied
136Not enough point to bet
142Parameter(s) error
144Query type invalid
145Parameter decimal point greater than 2
146API access denied
148MaxBalance not zero or smaller than user balance
149Input amount under minimum value
150Function has been deprecated
151Duplicate login
152Game id not existing
153Bet ID not existing

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